The Weird Weeds



Press for Help Me Name Melody:

“The Weird Weeds take a turn for the even more intriguingly insular on Help Me Name Melody, a combination of minute-long songs, untitled pieces, and “regular” songs that themselves would bemuse plenty of other bands on their own.” – Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

“The Weeds’ fourth album, Help Me Name Melody, is perhaps more inviting than their previous work, featuring layers of warm, jangly guitar tones arranged in a choppy cut-out fashion with an emphasis on texture and atmosphere...” – Matthew Dewitt, Austinist


Press for I Miss This:

“Soundscraping: The Weird Weeds Untangle.” – Audra Schroeder, Austin Chronicle, 16 May 2008

“This Austin trio's previous two albums felt around for jazz, experimental, and improv, drawing their instruments out in oft-unsettling configurations. On I Miss This, their first for local label Autobus, they've gotten past the cocoon stage and emerged more tactile.” – Audra Schroeder, Austin Chronicle

“The Weird Weeds are a gorgeously combustive band from Austin. The trio moves back and forth between discordant feedback and gentle balladry, finding ways to stitch disparate movements into edgy, heartfelt experimental pop.” –

“At various points, I Miss This can make you scratch your head, cover your ears, or dance with abandon. If you let it, though, it can also break your heart.” – Sean Padilla,


Press for Weird Feelings:

“Call it what happens when Wire or the Minutemen's aesthetic approach is applied to 21st century psychedelia ... but the end result is a series of surprising and swiftly captivating performances.” – Ned Ragget,

“With their upcoming release Weird Feelings, Austin's The Weird Weeds have created one of the year's strangest and most beautiful albums.”- Gorilla vs. Bear

“Weird Feelings, the second full length from Austin's The Weird Weeds, packs hours of subtle psychedelia, curious changes, and gorgeous harmonies into a very trim and compact thirty minutes. Never before have two voices, two guitars and a drum set sounded so expansive and yet been played so succinctly and expertly ... ” – Grant Capes,

“Quite captivating in a rather humane, schizophrenic way.” – Dream Magazine

“…a beautifully unnerving experience.” – Austin Chronicle

“...while these songs are unpredictable, they never sound haphazard or improvised; instead, the band plays and composes with high regard for subtlety.” – Pitchfork

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Past Press:

“It took all of 30 seconds for Weird Weeds’ new EP to fully blow my mind…there’s nothing half-assed or phoned-in about this; it’s solid, steady, stable music that can still get loose without sounding loose because it understands the subtle balance of hard work vis-a-vis hyper-creativity” – Portland Mercury

“One of Austin’s more compelling pop acts. Blending avant-garde tendencies with more rigorous songwriting…” – Austin American-Statesman

“Lusciously captivating…weird…and…gorgeous” –

“A shimmering, soft bed of hazy acoustic guitars, heartfelt vocal harmonies and strangely affecting tunes that may pass by in an instant but linger in the soft air for a good while afterwards.” –

“What The Weird Weeds are, exactly, is hard to say, but one thing is for sure and that is that their debut album is absolutely brilliant.” –

“Hailing from the musical hotbed of Austin, TX, the Weird Weeds fly in the face of any notion of musical convention with their debut release, Hold Me, exploring vast, uncharted territory where banshee wails and the sounds of creaking doors sit comfortably next to bona fide pop hooks and beautiful chord changes.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Somehow, The Weird Weeds are catchy.” – Austin Chronicle

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